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Asalamualikum and welcome to you all, Brothers and Sisters what we have here is a home for Muslim poets to present their poems and have them heard or share poems of other poets they would like us to hear. All styles are welcome and Inshallah, Allah will bring from this much goodness and may we be of the righteous kalaf to the likes of Hassan ibn Thabit may Allah be pleased with him (The poet of Allah's messenger, peace be upon him). Please feel free to send in your poems written or spoken so we may post them. Become an author here and you can post them your self. We hope through these efforts to propagate Islam so that it reaches the masses, defend Islam and its people from the onslaught of those who despise it, and tread the path of those who preceded us in guidance. Please keep in mind to keep the poems in accordance to the Quraan and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf of the Ummah.

Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

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"not poetry or magic but greater - moving grown men to tears"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rising Crimson Sun

Rising Crimson sun wrapped over a metropolis of brutal unforgiving concrete
that bleeds as is it leads to the lush expanses of open fields of grass soft as your eye lashes that heeds to ------ need
Oceans inhale and exhale tides of tidals over foam.
As the gentle winds sigh mingles with summer breezes deeper moans.
Each day holds the spectrum of every color tone.
Orange and yellow gem in the sky...
How did creamy yellow butter covered with orange honey get dropped so high...
In a sky lightly powdered blowing over ---- and a midnight blue canvass sprinkled with white cotton candy  clouds... Kaleidoscopic Saharan to tropic, high on views of panoramic hues over aqua blue and sapphire seas pulling the ball of butter and honey from the atmosphere as though they all do as they please. there's an ease, as another breeze, passes over green leaves, laughing once again at each other, from tree to tree...
Was it at you, or me... Or maybe just maybe they're just green with envy.

By: A Musa Original

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