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Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Europe Removes it's Veil

Interesting article written by Shaykh Jalal Abualrub

Europe Removes it's Veil

It's Freedom of Religion for All, Except for Muslims

By Jalal Abualrub (www.islamlife.com)

For centuries, Europe mistreated the rest of the world because they, Europeans, were civilized while the rest of the world was, well, something else.
The slogans of democracy and freedom of religion filled their statements, their books and conduct, and also filled the ears of the rest of mankind to the point of hysterical breakdown.  Europe emphasized its superiority every way possible.  Europe was advanced, but claimed they only became advanced after breaking away from religion, meaning Christianity, after centuries of bloody religious warfare between European Christian religions.  They broke away from the suffocating chokehold that Christianity had over their scientific and economic wellbeing as well as, their very life.  They learned their lesson, so they said.

So, Europe built a new society that is publicly unreligious.  It is secularist in its institutions, so they said.  They separated God from business and state, so they said.  They now only visited God once a week, if ever, but they did not allow God to visit their homes, pockets, courts, minds, businesses, military or political structures, not even once a week.  The old Crusades were religion-based.  The new crusades were business (i.e., money)-based.  Europe has evolved to be a bastion of religious freedom, religious tolerance, so they said.  Europe is no longer the old Christian Europe, but the new secularist Europe, multi cultural, multi ethnic, so they said.

New Slogans, Old Biases

So, just like their ancestors, but using new slogans,  Europeans set about discovering the entire world, that is, what is not Europe; the world that was already discovered by its local populations thousands of years before Europeans set foot on their soil.  The Great Discoveries brought Europe out of total ignorance regarding the rest of the world; this is the true story.  But to Europe, Europe actually discovered for humanity the rest of the world that was empty all along.  Well, they did find some local populations, but they were dark and savage, only good for killing or slavery.

The Great Conquests brought the riches of the rest of the world to Europe depriving its true owners of these riches and resources.  This was fine.  You see, Europe was enlightened, they no longer acted as Christian savages.  They had factories to operate, stomachs hungry for exotic food, swimming pools that needed to be filled with fresh water, museums filled with stolen artifacts from other countries that needed even more stolen artifacts, servants to pay them their salaries, and streets to make nicer and wider.  And they had armies to keep armed with the most advanced weapons man can imagine.

To Europe, the rest of the world were the savages who had treasures they did not even know about, until Europeans came.  How dare these poor, backward, religion-based countries have riches when we, Europe, do not have, while they cannot possibly make use of?  They are backward, while we, Europe, are civilized and can put these resources into prefect use.  So, Europe occupied and divided between themselves, most of the world and used, for free, their riches and resources, enslaving their local populations, ridiculing their culture and religion and acting like masters and landlords in other people's land.  Those who dared challenge the maters, well, they were annihilated.  Algeria alone gladly gave up one million of its people so that France could have the right to colonize Algeria and make it look like paradise on earth, for the French of course.

The Old Continent is Still the Old Continent

Things have changed since then.  Most countries that were occupied by Europe gained their freedom, or something to that effect, hopefully.  Europe declined in world status.  Europe declined militarily and became second-class, first-class world powers.  Militarily, they cannot possibly be compared to the United States or Russia.  They need the first to protect them against the second, or is it the other way around?  Well, it's one of these two options.  Economically and scientifically, Europe fell behind the United States and Japan.  China and India are not far behind; they are running fast and steadily behind Europe.  Culturally, Europe was occupied by American culture and American movies.  Some Western European countries today have 20% unemployment.  This is not good regardless how one looks at it.  The old continent grew smaller and older.  So, what does Europe still have that is unique to its culture and history?  Yes, the slogans of freedom of religion, freedom of choice, and Europe being the bastion of freedom.  Of course, they still have advanced economies, but not like they used to in old days.

Thus, after the era of overt colonialism ended, there was an influx of refugees and seekers of economic opportunity from the countries that Europe once occupied.  The British received hundreds of thousands of Indians and Pakistanis, France hundreds of thousands of north Africans, and Germany, which did not occupy Turkey, hundreds of thousands of Turks.  Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia, Holland, Denmark also received hundreds of thousands of immigrants from their former colonies and or the former colonies of other European countries.  In Europe, they call these, 'illegal immigrants.'   To Europe's credit, this is better than what they are called in America.  In America, illegal immigrants are called 'illegal aliens', while out of space creatures are simply called, 'aliens.'  Mexicans are less welcome in America than Martians.

What Europe did not count on is the populations of its former colonies coming in such large numbers, to live and work in Europe.  Yes, they mainly work in jobs Europeans do not usually like and receive less wages than their European counterparts, but Europe still feels uneasy, especially in the middle of economic depressions.  Now, European professionals seem to think that they cannot find work that pays them handsomely, because Ethiopian and Moroccan servants clean hotel rooms and, thus, take potential work away from Italian financiers.  They remember the good old days, when colonialism was alive and well, when Europeans went to their colonies and were treated like true masters.  How can they possibly tolerate millions of immigrants from their former colonies, becoming their fellow citizens and competing with them in the field of taxi driving, hotel cleaning and street sweeping?  This is shocking!  Further, the culture these immigrants brought with them is just something else.

The Niqab Terrifies and Terrorizes Europe

Muslims in particular represent a challenge.  By definition, Muslims are not Christians (no joke intended here as in my debates with Evangelicals, many of them prove Islam is wrong because it contradicts Christianity; so we consistently remind them that … ); by definition, Islam is nothing like Christianity.  However, it should not have mattered that Muslims come to secularist Europe and, just like Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, and Christians, enjoy the religious freedom in Europe they heard about for so long.  What they did not know, though, is that it mattered a good deal to Europeans that Muslims now live in the heart of Europe and in the millions.

Whenever Muslims go to a country, they soon start thinking about building a Masjid and an Islamic school, and seeking the rights that Europe so often spoke about.  Muslims, as compared to Christians, actually pray to their Creator at places of worship and also at their homes, businesses and in public areas; they also strive to live by the Islamic code.  This should not be a problem in a political system that separates between state and religion.

Confronted by their own slogans of freedom of religion vs. old Christians biases against Islam, they chose the latter.  Europe pretended to be what it's not, secularist, but when it was put into the real test, they removed the secularist hat and wore the old Christian hat which was never absent from their sight.  Of course, it is all a scam.  Europe has Christian parties (a hint: these parties are called 'Christian').  Christian fanatics, who are called conservatives, have ruled some European countries, while advanced their religion-Christian-based agendas in secular Europe.  In America, it is even worse.  Christian fanatics ruled all three branches of government for around a decade, leading to a worldwide assault on Islam and all that is dear to Muslims.

Today they Ban the Minaret, Tomorrow the Masjid

It is sad to still see Muslims defend European ways when Europe is telling them, again, in the clearest of terms, that their democracy is selective and, they are welcome if they discard their Islam.  Some of the leaders of Muslim organizations in Europe defended the current acts of religious persecution that Europe legislated against Muslims, by siding with the law that outlawed the veil, the Niqab.  They even said that they too are against the Niqab.  These misguided leaders, to say the least, do not know, or pretend to not know that this is only the beginning.  Now, Europe bans the veil and the minaret, tomorrow they ban the Masajid and the Islamic school, the day after they ban the Quran and Muslims.  These misguided Islamic leaders side with this clear religious persecution at a time when Europe is saying to all Muslims: "You are free to practice your religion, unless you are a Muslim."

Nuns, and Mary, the mother of the European lord and savior, can wear clothes that cover their entire body, except the hands and face, but religious Muslim women cannot cover their face from the eyes of men who are sick in their heart.  European men have grown accustomed to looking at semi-naked women, for free.  They cannot possibly imagine a woman covering her body from their evil eyes.  Uncovering the body in public is not a sign of repression of women, but a sign of freedom (meaning for men to look at them for free).  However, when a western Muslim woman chooses to cover her body by her own free will, she is a victim of religious (Islamic) oppression.  It seems that these women repress their own selves, by choosing to wear what they wish to wear in the middle of the continent that bored us, for so long, about their religious freedom.

Europe could not imagine what has happened.  They slept for a few decades and woke up to find millions of Muslims roaming European cities and streets,  building Masjids and Islamic schools.  These are not like other immigrants.  These are Muslims.  They come with a culture that they respect, a religion that they practice, a history that has honored them and they honor it, and an unwillingness to compromise on their religious freedoms or to water down their religion so that they appear to be good European citizens of secularist Europe.  Muslims in Yugoslavia tried that.  For decades, many of them blended in with their fellow non-Muslim citizens, abandoned their religion partially or totally, wore the same clothes as non-Muslims, and acted like they were not Muslims, drinking, dancing and forgetting their Islam, including how to pray.  Yet, when the war started, Christian Slavs and Croats killed Muslims because of the hint of Islam that remained in them, which in many cases was no more than a Muslim name.  Muslims were shocked.  They did blend in and, yet, they were killed based on their religion. Europe was a spectator as it watched the slaughter for years, all the while tightening the arms embargo against Muslims so they could not defend themselves.

How the Concept of Secularist States is Supposed to Work

I wish a courageous westerner, specifically European, would explain how their secularist system is supposed to work.  When a country states that it is secularist, meaning, it does not promote or propagate for or against any religion, where there are slogans of freedom of religion of religion and freedom of choice, where the state does not intervene in the business of religion, then it should not matter if its citizens practice Islam, Christianity or no religion at all.  However, the message the Muslims get is very direct and very simple, "You are free to practice your religion, unless you are a Muslim."

It seems that Europe is so weak at the core of its [fake] democratic values that it is afraid of a woman who covers her face.  Europe is so weak as a culture that it sees a Hijab or two as a mortal threat. So, it hysterically uses the power of the secular state to define for a segment of its population, what they are allowed or not allowed to practice in their own religion.  How can this work in a secularist country is beyond me.  But, for some Europeans to justify their intervening in a religious matter by invoking the European slogan of religious freedom, is just perfectly asinine.  'Freedom of Religion' means to practice a religion free from state intervention.  Banning a religious practice in a secularist country that claims to have a system based on religious freedom, contradicts religious freedom.  How can such a simple concept escape the brilliant minds of secularist Europe?

Europe Wins 2-0 Against Two Defenseless Women

Congratulations to France and Italy.  They won against two Muslim women who chose freely to cover their face from the eyes of immoral French and Italian men.  Italy has not won a real war since the Roman empire.  France has not won a real war since Napoleon, who was not a real Frenchman to begin with (he was from Corsica).  So they declared war against Muslim women covering their face, and won the war by fining these honorable women who chose to wear their religious attire.

In secularist Europe, it is not fine for a Muslim woman to cover her face in obedience to her Creator (unless it is a monetary fine, of course; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1271848/Woman-Italy-fined-430-wearing-burqa.html).  However, it is fine for the current Italian prime minister to be an adulterer and a totally immoral man even by Italian standards, which are not much standards to begin with.  It is alright for a French president to be a womanizer and to live with his girlfriend in adultery, before getting married to her.  But it is not alright for Muslim women to cover their face.  You see the trouble, don't you?  These two European leaders and their fellow countrymen of Europe have to see the faces of women to satisfy their evil desires.  They only see women as an object of illegal sex.  No respect for women.  This is the ultimate repression for women.  This is why Allah legislated for women to protect themselves by covering the body and face in public.

Switzerland, Germany and other European countries are afraid of a minaret that calls to the Oneness of God and the honor of all men and women.  Yet, there are Muslim men and women who criticize me for treating modern day secularist Europe the same way I treat old-day Christian Europe.  Well, I don't.  There is an obvious difference.

Old Europe was true to its cause, no matter how evil the cause, since they did not hide it behind fake principals that they do not really believe in or respect.  They went to Jerusalem to take it back from Muslims and give it back to Jesus, even if Jesus did not want them to do that.  Their slogans were simple and direct, not disguised behind fake principals.

Modern day Europe acts in the same manner as old Europe, but is less honorable in conduct.  Modern day Europe acts like Christian powers, having the same biases against Islam as ever, and the hatred, and the complete ignorance in Islam as Europe of old always had.  However, modern day Christians hide all this under slogans of freedom of choice and freedom of religion, but break their own values when they are confronted by Muslims who refuse to be dishonorable or slaves to sex, wine, drugs and money.  Old day Christians had more courage, if misguided, than modern day Europe.

Europe Removes its Secularist Face and Reveals its Ugly Christian Fanaticism

Europe and Europeans have finally removed the veil that covered their face, and what's beneath this veil is the old Christian faith: fanatical, biased, ignorant and intolerant, {They (the disbelievers, the Jews and the Christians) want to extinguish Allâh’s Light (with which Muhammad has been sent — Islamic Monotheism) with their mouths, but Allah will not allow except that His Light should be perfected even though the Kafirun (disbelievers) hate (it).  It is He Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad, peace be upon him) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), to make it superior over all religions even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh) hate (it).} (9:32-33).

Jalal Abualrub

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