بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Asalamualikum and welcome to you all, Brothers and Sisters what we have here is a home for Muslim poets to present their poems and have them heard or share poems of other poets they would like us to hear. All styles are welcome and Inshallah, Allah will bring from this much goodness and may we be of the righteous kalaf to the likes of Hassan ibn Thabit may Allah be pleased with him (The poet of Allah's messenger, peace be upon him). Please feel free to send in your poems written or spoken so we may post them. Become an author here and you can post them your self. We hope through these efforts to propagate Islam so that it reaches the masses, defend Islam and its people from the onslaught of those who despise it, and tread the path of those who preceded us in guidance. Please keep in mind to keep the poems in accordance to the Quraan and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf of the Ummah.

Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

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"not poetry or magic but greater - moving grown men to tears"

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bow Down

A Short Spoken-Word Poem By Halimah. Although it sounds much better out loud, inshaAllah, you will still appreciate it in its written form.

We are unique among His creation
Allah blessed us with free will
Let that be the focus of your meditation

We, the creation, have only one purpose
Ibadah! He commanded
Say Alhamdulilah! For we are to worship!

So bow down in prostration
Touch your head to the ground
Sub'hana Rabbiyal-a-'la, Three times we say
2, 4, 4, 3, 4 salah every day

Say MashaAllah for all that is in this world!
What we eat, what we do, where we go, what we own
But don't get lost, don't be mislead
keep your mind on junnah
not blind with dunya

Shaitan doesn't rest
So be at your Islamic best
Taqwa is your shield
Make it invincible by increasing your iman

Let your mood always lead to sujud
Allahummaghfirli warhamni!
We beseech the Most Merciful

Brothers, Sisters, and People of the Book
The straight path is clear
The book without doubt--the one true guidance has been delivered
SubhanAllah! Our Creator is perfect in His instruction

So bow down in prostration
Touch your head to the ground
Sub'hanaa Rabbiyal-a-'la, Three times we say
2, 4, 4, 3, 4 salah every day

By Halima from JMuslimah & Halimah

1 comment:

  1. Assalaam aleykum wa rahmatullah
    MashaAllah very nice, beautiful reminder.
    Is this a blog collecting islamic poetry? I also write islamic poetry (English and German) and I'd be happy to gain some feedback by brothers and sisters in shaa Allah.
    BarakAllah Feekum!