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Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

فـيـروى أنـه :
Its narrated that

مـر ابراهيم بن أدهم ( ر ) في سوق البصـرة فاجـتمـع الناس حولـه وسـألوه :
Ibraheem ibn Adha'm passed by the Bassra market place and the people gathered around him to ask

يا ابراهيم ,ان الله يقول في كتـابـه :
ادعــونــي أسـتجـب لكـم" , فكلـنـا نـدعـوه ولـم يسـتجـب لنـا دعـاءنـا".
O' Ibrahim, Allah says in his Book: (which means)
"Call upon me in supplication I will answer your call" all of us supplicate to him and he does not answer our supplication.

فقـال :
"يا أهـل البصـرة منعـتـم اجـابـة الـدعـاء بعشـرة أشـيـاء" :
He said: O' people of Bassra you have been prevented the answer of your supplication due to ten things

الأولـى :
" عـرفتـم الله حـق مـعـرفـة , فلـم تعبـدوه حـق عـبـادتـه ".
You know Allah as he rightfully should be known, yet you did not worship him as he rightfully should be worshiped.

الثانيـة :
" عـرفتـم رسـولـه ( ص ) فـلـم تـؤدوا حـقـه ".
You know his Messenger peace be upon him yet you did not give him his due right

الثالثـة :
" عـرفتـم الحـق فمـا فـعـلتمـوه ".
You had knew the truth yet did not implement it

الـرابعـة :
" عـرفتـم الشـر فمـا أجـتـنبتـمـوه ".
You knew the evil yet did not stay away from it

الخـامسـة :
" عـرفـتـم الشـيطـان فـوافقـتمـوه".
You knew the shtaan and agreed with him

السـادسـة :
*" عـرفتـم الجنـة فلـم تعـملـوا لهـا".
You knew the Jannah yet did not work for it

السـابعـة :
" عـرفتـم النـار فمـا خـفتـم منهـا ".
You knew the fire yet did not fear from it

الثـامنـة :
" دفـنتـم المـوتـى فلـم تعـتبـروا بالمـوت".
You buried the dead yet did not take admonishment from death

التـاسـعـة :
" قـمتـم مـن منـامـكـم وأطلقـتـم ألسـنتـكـم فـي حـقـوق بـعضـكـم"
You woke from your sleep and let loose your tongues upon each other

"أظـهـرتـم عـيـوب النـاس وسـتـرتـم عـيـوبكـم " .
 You exposed the peoples faults and hid your own

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