بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Asalamualikum and welcome to you all, Brothers and Sisters what we have here is a home for Muslim poets to present their poems and have them heard or share poems of other poets they would like us to hear. All styles are welcome and Inshallah, Allah will bring from this much goodness and may we be of the righteous kalaf to the likes of Hassan ibn Thabit may Allah be pleased with him (The poet of Allah's messenger, peace be upon him). Please feel free to send in your poems written or spoken so we may post them. Become an author here and you can post them your self. We hope through these efforts to propagate Islam so that it reaches the masses, defend Islam and its people from the onslaught of those who despise it, and tread the path of those who preceded us in guidance. Please keep in mind to keep the poems in accordance to the Quraan and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf of the Ummah.

Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

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"not poetry or magic but greater - moving grown men to tears"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Tricks Of Shaytaan

He Entices with matters which are disliked
He whispers,withdraws with the athaan he takes flight
He runs through banee Adam like blood in his veins
The servant runs from his family sinfully insane
He makes false promises only to make mockery
We all will be tested by him as Allah's decree
Why do you listen to this known enemy
is that sweetness of Eemaan really a bitter thorny tree
Can you tell the difference
The Qur'an is a sure reference
Has your anger over-powered your intellect
Is your doubt running scared unchecked
Will your desires turn you into it's slave
Will your remembrance of Allah be a source that saves
Is your life full of Confusion your heart black as coal
From the sins that your enemy so deceitfully sold
Leave his trail it leads to the fire
Save yourselves and your families don't become fuel
Face the Punishment of Allah if you lose this duel
So have Love Fear and Hope as you worship your Lord
Know Barakallahu feekum Allah has given you a source of Protection
In the Authentic du'a's which keeps the connection
Make your actions for His sake and submit to Islam
For it is the greatest mercy by far

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