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Visist our new site: Immam al-Albani (English)

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"not poetry or magic but greater - moving grown men to tears"

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Let me tell you,
This is a free land, an example to all
Proclaiming to all nations to follow their call
So listen up, maybe you’ve missed out on them all

The free-doom of speech,
It is the freedom to articulate what you want to say
But it really means, “We will keep a close eye on what you say”
You might get into trouble for what you say,
With another man like you, just ’cus he does not like what you say
So it is frankly, free-doom I would say

Oh, this is a good one, Free-doom for women,
It is the liberation of women from the clutches of men,
So that women can now wear anything they are freely given
The less they wear, the more FREE they become,
For whom you thought? It is for MORE men

You women, are free of the shackles of your men,
Those men who are supposedly, taking care of your needs,
Looking out for your wellbeing, and protecting you from other men
When you get married, you change your last name,
Since you have free-dumb, so now you become the property of another

No!!! Now you women are TRULY free,
You can go wherever you want, exposing yourself to true free-doom
So now, more than one man can enjoy you more,
You are free to express your mind,
So, more men have lots more entertainment than just one
You can now wear whatever you want,
The less you do, the more exciting it becomes

More Free-dumb for women,
So they have liberated you and freed you O’ women
Provided you with all of this, even picked out the choices,
So that it’s more easy for you to choose your free-dumb
No they’ve matured you and tamed you to accept free-dumb,
Now the bait is more easier to steel from

Free-doom of religion,
Free, it is to practice your religion,
so long as you follow “their religion”, oops, I mean their culture and way of life first
So what is their way of life? It is to be a man and the woman of the land first,
Then you may choose from the religions they allow,
And don’t get me wrong there is plenty to go around.
The bottom line is their religion has plenty to choose from
Hey, guys there is enough of free-dumb, so don’t be shy

Economic and financial free-doom,
Hey listen up! They in ties and suits, know the best,
The more smooth and shiny their faces, better they know
They are smarter than you, so, they give you the solutions for you to choose from
So while you indulge in free-dumb, they will do all the work for you

Have you not experienced the beauty of the credit system?
Hey, imagine you can buy something you really don’t have the cash for
So in the future you would have accrued a mountain of free-doom
Even if you have the money to buy, why use it all up,
Save it and use their financial plan,
That way over a period of time you can pay them for being kind,
With interest, I mean, your “interest” in mind

The best of all, they will keep an account OF you, oops, I’m sorry, I mean account for you,
That way, you do not need to worry and spend
As a merchant, you will know your customer’s credibility
Do not worry about THEIR credibility, for remember they are in ties and suits,

Hey, you cannot complain,
They’ve given plenty of entertainment to indulge in the free-dumb,
Since, the more free-dumb you acquire, the easier for them
They have basketball, football, and baseball seasons all year-around,
Which are literally at your fingertips, with the remote in hand

Many are free to produce movies and films,
Dedicated in creating more free-dumb for you.
See how easy life is for you, they’ve even chosen the options you have.

Free-doom or free-dumb of Choice,
It means “We have chosen the options for you,
so pick from the variety we have provided for you”

Don’t you understand, you are too dumb, I mean,
You are too busy with free-dumb, so they’ve done you a favor
And think about it, they are so smart,
That if you brought a new choice, in-turn you are reciprocated with free-doom
Man, amazing is their plan

So, come on, Fight for your free-dumb or free-doom,
And they’ve even given you the guidelines of the fight.
This is their game, so you need to play by THEIR rules

It is “The Land of the free”, for those what desire free-dumb
“The home of the brave”, for those who are bold to take on free-doom

Now think about this…

Islam has given you Freedom of speech,
You are free to say whatever you wish,
but remember you and only you are accountable for what you say
Yet, Allaah chooses who He will pardon and purify for what they say

Islam has freed you O’ women,
Even your name, you maintain the name of you father
Thus free from becoming the property of another
You are free to own your own wealth without the fear of being stolen by another,
And even made true men as guardians upon you to guard your wealth

O’ mother, Islam has freed you of your daily chores,
Made for you plenty of children to honor and help you,
Thus, elevated you to the ranks of the queens,
even the queens of the world, do not have this to acquire

Islam has put true men as guardians over you,
Who have been given a degree above you,
so that they must attend to your needs
They stand as fierce soldiers guarding their women,
From the plots of the enemy, since this world is a battle

Islam has given you freedom to wear whatever you like,
In the company of your husband, as an enjoyment for this life.
It has freed you from being the slave of men,
as THEY disguise as the “liberation of women”

Islam has given you the freedom of living in any manner you like,
So long as you stick to the shari’ah, that truly has your interest in mind.
Do you imagine Allaah, wishing for you harm, impossible is that flash in the mind
For the ruling of the shariah is that, the things of the world has been made permissible,
Except for those that that have been denied,
And the opposite is true for the worship of Allaah,
Where He has made it easy and has indicated,
That all worship is denied, except for what He has made legal

Islam has made forbidden the compulsion of religion,
On any of the beings of this worldly life,
Since the nature of this world that Allaah has created,
Is that the truth will eventually standout form falsehood,
And know, the nature of falsehood is that it is bound to perish,
No matter how short or long a time it is given

Remember, Allaah is the one who created you,
And the world that you run after,
So surely He knows what’s good and evil, am I not right?

Islam has made financial loans permissible
without the oppression of usury,
and made the only credibility, the quality of truthfulness and being upright
and the true reward is for those who are just,
knowing that the final meeting with their Lord is too near

Islam has given you the freedom of choice,
For you to test the strength of your own character,
Correct choices are rewarded two times, in this world and the next,
And bad ones, either pardoned or atoned by your Creator.
Where good choices are accounted for in haste,
While bad ones are given respite to correct,
By the command of the One who has extensive Mercy

Islam has made the whole world free to abide therein,
It is men that restrict the world for whom they have interest in.
Islam truly freed you from being a slave of men,
To being the slave of the Creator of men,
And this is it, that the evil ones fear,
The true freedom of man in every which way of the meaning of the word

This word ‘Freedom’ has been hijacked,
by the lowly ones to control the world that they so run after.
Not knowing that the hereafter is truly what they should be after.

Islam is truly the freedom we should be after.
Think about it, how can a man like you, give you freedom?
So you take your pick, what is it that you are after?
Free-doom, Free-dumb, or Freedom???


  1. Nice, this is deep, you have to read it more than once to fully understand and apprciate it, jazakullah khair abu Hafsa

  2. Masha a Allaah, nicely put, thought-provoking ... somehow these ayaat came to my mind;

    "O you who believe! be careful of (your duty to) Allah and believe in His Messenger: He will give you two portions of His mercy, and make for you a light with which you will walk, and forgive you, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.(Suurah Hadeed:28)

    So that the followers of the Book may know that they do not control aught of the grace of Allah, and that grace is in Allah's hand, He gives it to whom He pleases; and Allah is the Lord of mighty grace.(Suurah Hadeed:29)"